The fundraising involves selling 16 bags of coffee to your circle (grandpa, grandma, godfather, godmother, uncle, aunt, neighbor, cousin, etc.).

By selling all the bags, you will earn for FREE.

  • Registration for the Rendez-Vous Lévis Workshop Day on May 11th at the Lévis Convention Center (11 years and under, Saturday morning at 8 am).

  • Registration for the Rendez-Vous Lévis tournament on May 12th at the Lévis Convention Center (Sunday morning at 8 am, for everyone).

  • 1 Rendez-Vous Lévis T-shirt

  • 1 Rendez-Vous Lévis cap

The Rendez-vous Lévis

is the event not to be missed!


The main objective of the fundraising campaign is to instill an important value of Martial Arts Dojos:


Participants will need to make efforts and take necessary actions to sell their 16 bags of coffee to gain access to the aforementioned reward.

Upon receiving their shirt and cap, as well as during the two days of Rendez-Vous Lévis, they will be proud of themselves and have a sense of accomplishment.



  • Make a post on Facebook

  • Send a video of your child explaining the purpose of the fundraising campaign and share it with friends and family members.

  • Bring coffee bags to the workplaces of family members.

  • Do door-to-door sales.

  • Take advantage of family gatherings.

  • Survey your circle before receiving your coffee bags to sell them before delivery.

*If I am unable to sell all the bags.

This situation happens very rarely. If that’s the case, usually, the parents of the children buy the remaining coffee bags.